Johnson Family RV Jaunt: Renovating an RV and fitting in 5 people and CEO of SwimZip

Wow!  We have been RVing for over a month now and it has been epic! 

Before we set off on this adventure, there were moments I feared this journey would not live up to my expectations…now I know, I had no need to worry.

This home on wheels has taught me a lot about myself.  

Sure- I over commit, and I sometimes miss moments of alone time, buuuuut I find myself focusing on so much more.  I can laugh with my kids for hours about nothing, I have learned to do things I never knew I could, I find inspiration everywhere I look, I enjoy meeting new people, I adore watching the boys have so many new experiences, I truly do not mind having no plan, and I love working with an ever-changing view.

Learning and being with all my boys is the best!  The simple life is so nice.  I have learned I can live with way less (but not without coffee!) Starting every new day waking up with my kids right next to me is awesome!

We had a huge scare along this journey a few days ago. I will share more about that in the next blog, after I have some more time to reflect on it. The experience made me take pause. I love my family so very fiercely!  Home is anywhere my people are, wherever we may journey feels like home because I am with them.

To close this update, I thought it would be fun to show some before and after photos of the updates and changes we made to the RV to accommodate our family.

xo Betsy



Here are a few family photos of our trip so far! 

RV Family sold it all from Kansas
RV life with kids
RV with a baby

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