Introducing our SwimZip Ambassador Sharmaye!

This Summer we launched our Ambassador program because we love getting to connect with others that truly share our passion and understanding for the importance of sun protection. We are thrilled to introduce you to all of our current ambassadors and share some of their favorite things about SwimZip!
First up is our gorgeous ambassador Sharmaye! She currently resides on the beautiful island of Oahu, HI with her husband, daughter, and another sweet babe on the way.
What do you love the most about SwimZip?
"Before discovering SwimZip's UV protective swimwear, I had no prior knowledge about the importance/existence of UPF 50+ sun protection in clothing and how it acts as a built in sun screen! Not only do SwimZip suits have UPF50+ protection but I love that they have a good selection of solids and prints that go well together. They are versatile and timeless. Function meets fashion!"
What is one experience you’ve had meeting and educating others about the importance of sun safety and/or SwimZip?
"After educating myself on the causes of skin cancer I was made aware of an oddly shaped mole I had spotted on my husband’s back. This prompted my husband a trip to the dermatologist and the doctor recommended to do a biopsy of the mole. Thankfully, the results came back normal. After going through that ordeal, it made me more passionate about SwimZip! It has helped my family become aware of the dangers of unsafe sun exposure and how to minimize risks of skin cancer. I now use this experience to tell others about the importance of sun protection clothing like SwimZip, use sunscreen regularly, and get screened for any abnormal moles."
Here's are some of Sharmaye's must-have SwimZip suits!
"The Women's Halter Bikini Top and High Waisted Bottoms in the green Palm Leaf print. The print reminds me of Hawaii trees and the fit accommodates my pregnant body well. I love the Halter Set in the Multi Stripe print for my daughter! It reminds me of peachy/retro vibes which is so classic and nostalgic. I also love the rash guard shirts. They can be worn as activewear or swimwear for all day sun protection!" 
What are some of your favorite summer activities?
"We love going to the beach and going on family friendly hikes during the summer.  For a longer time beachside, we pick shadier places or bring a beach umbrella for extra coverage! And obviously Açaí bowls are a must after a long day out!"
 Thanks so much for stopping to get to know our Ambassador Sharmaye! Stay tuned to be introduced to our next amazing brand ambassador!
Do you love SwimZip as much as Sharmaye and are you interested in becoming an Ambassador too?! You can see what it takes and apply here!

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