Introducing our SwimZip Ambassador, Jess!

Meet our amazing SwimZip Ambassador, Jess!
Jess lives in hot and sunny Sonoran Desert in Arizona with her husband, daughter Itzel, and new baby girl, Araceli! Let's get to know her a little better and hear why she loves SwimZip so much!!
What do you love the most about SwimZip?
"I first heard about Swimzip when my 1st daughter was born (February 2017). I was breastfeeding her one night while browsing Instagram (to stay awake ;) when I came across SwimZip. Our first swim suit was a 4th of July sunsuit for my daughter and a "Cali Girl" Swim Rash Guard for myself. Since then we have been buying SwimZip suits almost quarterly!
Since moving to the Arizona desert we've gained a whole new perspective on skin protection because of our increased exposure to the sun.  I love the fact that SwimZip's UV protective swimwear offers sun protection, chic designs, and the ability to match with your whole family."
How do you practice sun safety with you and your family?
"We apply sun block 30 minutes before sun exposure and wear a sun hat often. If we're at the pool or beach we try to sit under an umbrella, always wear our SwimZip rash guard shirts, and re-apply sunblock regularly."
Here's are some of Jess' must-have SwimZip suits!
"That's got to be a three way tie between the "Tied with a Bow" Halter Bikini 2 Piece Swimsuit Set"Too Sweet" Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit, and "Oversized Dot" Long Sleeve Rash Guard Swimsuit Set. For me, I loved the Women's UV Swim Shirt in the Palm Leaf print during my pregnancy so I could match Itzel. I like that the fabric was stretchy enough to accommodate my growing belly. I would suggest sizing up one size if you're planning on rocking this during your pregnancy." 
What are some of your favorite summer activities?
"Going to splash park, going to the pool, and walking or cycling to weekly farmer’s markets! We tend to be outside exploring and exercising a lot. I like to do triathlons and fun 5k races, like the color run, but especially love biking outside."
Is there anything else you'd love to share? 
"Skin cancer and melanoma are on the rise but they are not from sun burns/sun exposure that you've gotten recently. They are typically from prolonged sun exposure when growing up. It is very important to always practice sun safety and teach it to your children from a very young age to prevent sun damage in the future."
Do you love SwimZip as much as Jess and are you interested in becoming an Ambassador too?! You can see what it takes and apply here!

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