Best Toddler UPF 50+ Swimwear by SwimZip

We are so excited to show you all about our 2018 SwimZip line!  All of our products will have UPF 50+ protection so you won't have to worry about any sunburns!  So much research says that 1 bad sunburn has a child will have life long effects!  So please, just zip on your SwimZip's and keep them sun safe all summer!

This line you will find Girls and Boys.  

2 piece sets (both long sleeve and short sleeve sets)
3 piece sets with shorts
1 piece swimsuits + a rash guard

SwimZip 2018 Line Girls UPF 50+ toddler sun protection

2 piece shorts sleeve sets (boardies + short sleeve rash guard)
2 piece long sleeve sets (boardies + long sleeve shirt)


Toddler Boy UV Swimwear

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