Kids Beach Must Haves

I love being out side with my boys! I love playing at the park, chalk in the driveway, digging for worms (maybe not too much, but it's fun), eating ice cream, splashing in the ocean, riding bikes, the list goes on. I'm just an outdoors person (winter is SO hard for me)! Anyways, if you ever see any of my photos you will see that my kids do NOT go outside without a sun hat. Why? Being diagnosed with skin cancer at 26, I have learned my lesson. Sun hats ALL the time, and sun screen. Kids can get a lot of vitamin D from food you give them, and also sun screen wears off and they will get some sun. So for me keeping them sun safe is #1 and it starts with wearing a hat daily.
For me a good sun hat is everything. SwimZip now offers Sun Hats which have a UPF 50+ protection in the fabric. Not all hats provide this type of sun protection. Also, we have a wide brim that provides extra sun protection around the face and back of the neck. It is also ADJUSTABLE! It's awesome! It really can fit any head perfectly. We have colors for boys and girls! Here is the red hat - these are unisex so you can go gender neutral or gender specific!
So, again why not make an outfit out of this one! I love seeing how outfits come together by Sarah of Jude and Hudson! She makes adorable outfits for her boys and I love what she did here!
We love rocking our SwimZip war by the beach and also in daily life! Here is our red Hat and Board Shorts yellow shorts
Shirt: finfirst:
Pineapple shorts: trendy_little_creations:
Shoes: reignlandconcept:
sunglasses: littlesunshineshades:

Here you can see the SwimZip Sun Fun Play Hat in Red on an adorable little girl! Our Sun Hats can be work for girls or boys!

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