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Beach Style - SwimZip Circle Towel

Posted on May 19 2015

Watching the sunrise on the beach is one of those times where I want to freeze time - sometimes when I want to freeze time I try to take a picture, but pictures just don't do it justice.  So, sitting back on a SwimZip Circle Towel soaking in every second.  Those beach sunrises last only seconds, but the memories are a life time.  


Here is what I love wearing while watching the sunrise.  Comfy morning wear is my favorite!


I love this Coffee Is the New Sleep Tank by StillRad.  This brand is awesome, they have other amazing shirts that are great for littles as well.  Here is a bit about them.When Still Rad and MOMBIE® Clothing was born, there were several promises made within. 1. To make relatable clothing to accommodate a wider variety of tastes than your average clothing brand.  2. To call it a day only when the best of our ability has been give. 3. To focus on customer interaction and support. 4.To make shipping a priority and to strive to never go over a delivery time expectation

These comfy shorts by Zions Den are SOOO comfy.  Good for wearing all day too.  This brand LOVES the outdoors, the mountains have been our escape. There is nothing better than going out and exploring them. Our brand, Zions Den is inspired by the mountains. Staying warm, and being trendy. 

The Bracelet is a must - waking up with a little bit of fashion was never this easy!  Bracelet by Bluefish Bohemian and 

Punch Today In the Face bag to tot around your SwimZip Roundie and other beach essentials is a must.  Everyone will love it!

Wood Grain Clutch - carry your phone and a bit of extra cash with you incase you need to find a coffee in the morning!  I specialize in essentials for both mom and baby. Our diaper clutches are sized to fit a portable case of wipes, a few diapers, and a few other essentials like diaper cream, hand sanitizer, etc. It is perfect to throw in your beach bag so that everything stays organized, easy to access, and free of sand!


Don't forget your SwimZip Large Circle Towel - these are a must!  They are big enough for 2 people to hang and watch the sunrise, or cuddle up and wrap them around you!  You will love having this around pool side or beach side.  The fabric is extremely soft, and you can snuggle up on a cold day, or have it as your home base while splashing around!


Hope you enjoy your sunrises babes!  Soak them up!


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