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Sun Protective Play Wear

Posted on May 21 2015

Who doesn't love finding new outfit inspiration?  We love having SwimZip be beach wear and play wear!  Sun protection is needed at all times, weather on a walk at the beach or helping rack the leaves in the front yard or playing blocks with friends outside.  Kids can be exposed to SO much sun throughout their life, that keeping them sun safe at the start is so important and SwimZip can make it so easy- here are a ton of girls sun shirts to choose from!  Toss on a sun protective rash guard and enjoy romping around the front yard!

Headband by Marlee Ro - Headwrap by Marlee Ro: 100% cotton self-tie headwrap. Wraps measure 60" and fit newborns - adults and can be worn multiple ways.

Blocks by Bannor Toys - Welcome to the Bannor Toy Company. Our  line of wood toys is created with the intention of letting imagination thrive in children. Playing with modern wooden toys can inspire children  to imagine more, to develop their mind in a way that toys with manual's will not. We are passionate about creating  toys that are not only good for children, but good for our earth as well. Each toy is hand made from beginning to end here  in Iowa, we don't mass produce anything. We hand pick each board, and use wood that is  sustainably harvested.  Our goal is to create a 100% organic wood toy that is safe but still modern and fun.

T Shirt - Tribe is Alive - Love this Strawberry Fields Vneck!  Perfect!


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