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Mix and Match SwimZip Rash Guard Tops

Posted on June 11 2015

We were in Florida for a month.  It was awesome, but I have to say heading to the beach every day and solid naps for my 2.5 year old son, that made it even more amazing.  I also loved not worrying about reapplying sun screen every two hours.  He played in the waves, built sand castles, and even enjoyed some ice cream from the beach shake!  I really loved having an extra pair of shorts and shirt in my beach bag so I could quickly put him into something dry if he was tired, or wanted to lay on our SwimZip Roundie to take a break.

Did you know SwimZip sells Rash Guards by themselves, not as sets?  We offer rash guard shirts for boys, and rash guard shirts and UPF swim shorts for girls!  We make it so easy just to have an extra shirt in their bag if they are wanting to toss on something dry.

Here is our girls Salt Water Babes Teal Short Sleeve Zipper Rash Guard.  It is matched with our Caribbean Splash Swim Shorts that come with just a little ruffle!




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