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Mother's Day - Family Over Everything

Posted on May 10 2015

Happy Happy Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing mothers out there!  We are sending love to all of you today, you have such an important role for shaping our community - we are shaping our future.  You all are there building your kids up to be stronger people, independent, loving, nurturing, strong, and loving.  You are there snuggling when someone doesn't feel well even if you don't want to get sick.

Being a mom isn't always pretty, it just isn't.  But, it is always loving.  


To the mom at target today who had 3, yes 3 kids with her.  I saw you let your son wipe his boogie on your pants, and you just went on like nothing was on you.  Hehe, I'm right there with you.  I'm covered.  Just wanted to tell you, you are awesome!


Happy Mother's Day!

xx, Betsy


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