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Ideas for Kids at the Beach - SwimZip Sunsuits

Posted on May 19 2015

Okay, I love taking my boys to the beach, but there are a few tricks and things I just love to have.


1.  A sun HAT!  This is a must - then I don't have to worry as much about reapplying sun screen.

2.  A warm layer.  After splashing in the water all day, little ones can be tired, cold (and a little cranky).  SO be sure to bring an extra dry layer.  I love SwimZip UPF beach cover ups - they are long to still provide protection, and a soft cotton layer on the inside.  

3.  A fun shell or rock collecting bag.  I love these Hello Beach Bag that have mesh on the bottom.  They are perfect for collecting sandy things at the beach - the sand just falls right out (or putting sandy toys in at the end of a fun day).

4.  Sun protective outfit!  For kids under 2 years old, I love SwimZip Rompers!  They are ADORABLE!  And with a zipper that goes from the leg up to the neck they are super easy to pull on (and the diaper changes are a BREEZE!)!  No more peeling an outfit off!

5.  YOUR CAMERA!  Take a few photos and then leave the camera at your SwimZIp Roundie towel - while you splash away with your kids! 



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