How to pack a boys beach back - Boys Sunsuit Dino-mite!

How cute is this Dino-Mite sun suit. The bright orange is everyones go to on little men!! Packing to go to the beach with little kids for me was pretty stressful, so here are some of my essentials I don't go to the beach with out

1. Bogg Bag - huge bag that holds everything!

2. SwimZip Swimwear - UV protective swimwear

3. Salt Water Sandals - cute comfortable sandals

4. Spbang Snack Bag - a yummy stack - I like apple slices, to keep more water in the boys so they don't get dehydrated

5. Hello Beach Bag - a place to collect all their sand treasures

6. Sand Gone - best, fastest, easiest way to get sand off my boys.

7. A water bottle

8. Sun Screen

9. Sun Hat - A UV sun protective hat is great for kids to keep the sun out of their eyes, but also to not have to worry about extra sun burn.

Hope you have a blast at the beach!

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