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SwimZip 2015 Women's Line Launch and a GIVEAWAY!

Posted on April 22 2015

...and we are LIVE! I can't express in words how excited we are to finally see our Women's line launch. We've hoped and dreamed and worked towards this exciting day for a long time. 
Our Swim dresses are included in this launch!! They are made of our UV safe swim material so that you can lounge without worry of getting wet, or wear them in the water!

From 8 AM CST to 9 AM CST, we are offering you 20% OFF our new line. Use code SWIMZIP20 at checkout. This is a one time offer and it will expire at 9 AM CST.

So, we wanted to be sure our suits can be worn by women of all ages and sizes. Including expecting moms. Hey, they need the good stuff, too! :) So, we made sure to test them on expecting mamas as you see below. 

You're all amazing and we thank you so much for your feedback and recommendations which have helped us to achieve a great product.

Our Swimwear is UV safe and helps to prevent sunburn and over exposure. Keep your skin beautiful and cancer free by protecting it! 

Here's a little preview for you! The rest of the line can be seen on SwimZip.com under "women's."

Let us know what you think! 



Above you see that we've added a wrap style top which is not only flattering, but uh... bonus for the moms out there, how amazing for breastfeeding mamas?! No more yanking your swimsuit around to get a feeding in at the beach or pool. We've added an inner layer to keep you covered.
Wrap necklines are flattering on all figures 

Below you will see our zipper version of the SwimZip Dress. This is a more structured style. Toss it over your swimsuit and go! 

Each dress has a tie on the side that you can shorten or lengthen! We also added thumb holes to our swim dresses!! Our dresses offer more coverage and can be extended just past mid-thigh.

More can be seen at SwimZip.com under "Women's." xoxo Enjoy! 

See Instagram @swimzip or www.facebook.com/swimzip to enter our giveaway and WIN one for you and a friend! 


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