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UV Sun Protection for Kids …. 5 Great Tips

Posted on April 29 2014

UV sun protection for kids can be tough.  Children are always on the go, and who has time (or patience!) to reapply sunscreen?  As parents, we know UV sun protection for kids is extremely important, but we also know it is such a chore!!! People get the majority of their sun exposure under the age of 18 years, so trying to keep them UV sun safe is a must.  Here are 5 tips to keep kids sun safe while playing outside in the sun this summer. 5.  Reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours while outside in the sun (even if it is overcast). 4.  Put on a UV sun shirt or UPF 50+ swimsuit, this way you won’t have to worry about applying sunscreen under the swimsuit or shirt (we love SwimZip UV swimsuits for kids). 3.  If playing in the water, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you start enjoying the water. And remember, the beach and pool are particularly UV intense environments because the UV rays bounce off the water and sand.   Sun protection for kids is extremely important here! 2.  Wear a sun hat that contains UV protection, this way you are blocking rays from the children’s face (UV Girls Hats and UV Boys Hats). 1.  Stay hydrated!  Drinking water can help kids enjoy their time and not get as tired and cranky while playing outside!  And that means more fun for everyone!  ;-) Have a blast this summer at the pool or beach!  We can’t wait for the warm weather to get here, but staying UV sun safe with sun protection for kids is #1 for us!   kids sun protection


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